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nikon Downs & Towns 📷 Finally got out the new camera and hit up the markets and some historic buildings. Thank you @RenMcgann for the nikon advice. I love it!
🔞 Thyme So, it is canon that both scara & cyno are doting & good around children. saying this regarding scara & that child from his backstory, & cyno & that lil girl from his story quest—he offered to get 'someone' to cure the girl, someone being tighnari, just like how he took collei in
trustedtraveller Japan to waive tourist visa requirements as part of border easing, Fuji News Network reports
Wartull 🫡 A new chapter for Olympus. https://twitter.com/OlympusDAO/status/15755275706863...
Project moon fan Yoruichi showing soifon she got urahara child. Canon
PhotoPills “Full Moon and tree silhouette.” 🤓 📷  Canon EOS R6 | 400mm | ƒ/5.6 | 1/15s | ISO 200 👉 Photo by Lorenzo Cattani 📍 Planned with PhotoPills: https://www.photopills.com
rickroll ChambleeGA Brian Lee CMS orchestra straight-up rickrolled the entire parking lot assemblage (straight outta Pachelbel's Canon in D)! rickroll ChambleeGA https://twitter.com/BLeeve14/status/15755172970658...
Ukiah Daily Journal The big picture: Bay Area space scientists build world’s largest digital camera https://www.ukiahdailyjournal.com/2022/09/29/the-b...
solaris 🫧 | thinking about scara 🥲 Havent seen a more immersed fandom into fanon than this one. That kind of immersion that makes them hate everything canon and try to find a flaw into anything they don't like to amplify it. It's insane how nothing at this point pleases y'all
stoner werewolf 🧭 Mulian makes me a little more crazy just bc i'm obsessed with mu qing but i also think mu qing like. gets over it. the romance part. in canon. vs fenglian which i just don't know if it is ever going to happen
Santi Roleplay ⟢ Open to OC's and canon characters from any fandom ⟢ AU's welcomed! ⟢ Mutiship with chem ⟢ NSFW with chem, prefer to be done in DMs ⟢ Flirting is def okay! Just please be respectful! ⟢ Will not rp with minors! Please be 18+
Rox🦊 is Nikolai and Monica's wife Yet another parallel with a canon straight couple, I love this show so much https://twitter.com/hourlydeancas/status/15751986567...
James 'Reaf' Miller ♠️ 😷 I don't know why some fans are worrying about Logan's canonicity and Deadpool 3. For a start, myltiverse exists, so it can be a different timeline. It's Deadpool, it's not going to be "canon" to anything other than Deadpool movies, for whatever canon they want to keep
lauren rhiannon (genesis of DEEZ NUTS) @ p8s Canon tokusatsu fan mizuki... i know what you are (transfem)
s Taehyung being a dilf hunter is canon which means taehyung meeting srk is also canon because he’s a dilf himself in this essay i will https://twitter.com/yoongienthusias/status/1575132...
Shannon Wild The African penguin also known as the black-footed penguin is a species confined to southern African waters. It is also widely known as the "jackass" penguin for its donkey-like bray, although several related species of South American penguins produce the same sound. Nikon
sunset breckenridge rockymountains nikon fall Michael J Bauer Last night I was able to enjoy the Fall colors and lucked out by capturing this incredible sunset. I’m definitely enjoying the Fall season as each day continues to change. https://www.mjbauerphotography.net/photo-galleries...
Marines FreeAndOpenIndoPacific USMC 3rd Marine Division https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7YdmHbQdvs&featur... Our Marines with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines participate in Fuji Viper 22.5 at @catc_campfuji, Japan.    FreeAndOpenIndoPacific USMC
Andor Hunter Null Everyone is talking about visual easter eggs from today’s episode of Andor but there was a line early on in the episode for something I don’t believe has been confirmed for canon before. Very exciting stuff
MorningPrayer NationalCathedral Washington National Cathedral "God is closer to us than we are to ourselves." The Rev. Canon Dana Colley Corsello asks us to remain attuned to the way God speaks to us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXVTX02wX0A
🥩 Going to Olympus... why, I'm floating on air
✝️ L. Nicky He then sent me Herakles to protect me and he gave me an apple from Olympus that only I can see in this dimension. I only took one bite so far. 🍎 Then I apologized to Zeus and he gave an ethereal golden chalice. 🏺
非活性 Its canon, scara calls ei his mother --i cant 😩😭
Canonrsa EOSR7 Mirrorless Canon South Africa Moving from DSLR to mirrorless is as comfortable as changing your lens. Learn how easy it is to move from the DSLR to Canon’s mirrorless EOS R7: https://www.canon.co.za
Kiku田 Next FGO event requires clearing Olympus to participate…? What could it be? 🤔 I can only think of Halloween or Saber Wars III
Fallo // spoilers Seeing fanon become canon is always a thrilling experience. Honestly I didn't expect we'd hear Scara calling Ei "mother" in the game. And turns out Kazuha's red streak /is/ inherited from his father's side
Martin Heguy There's a disaster coming and as well what's happening ben everything will be destroyed from the gamers to the mountains of Olympus if you betrayed me your gone don't believe you will soon
trstdtravlr I think Japan to waive tourist visa requirements as part of border easing, Fuji News Network reports
not horny on main anymore I havent draw (canon) human fnaf ships in...god, what now, 3 years? 2017, maybe??? i dont know, ill have to consult my high school sketchbooks full of purple guy x phone guy art
kol Will sell my minolta digicam ahhahaa pain </3
e I have a oneshot sitting in draft about this but imma wait for s5 cos I’m a slave 4 canon
nikon blackandwhitephotography Luke Caldwell Some people make you smile bigger than others nikon blackandwhitephotography
Anime love 😍 A new manga series about a cosplayer & a hobby photographer titled "Cinderella Cosplaytion'" by Nanatsu Fuji will start in upcoming Dengeki Daioh G issue 110 out Oct 26, 2022 Image © Kadokawa, Nanatsu Fuji
Uzukage ♡ Some Sakura fans were the ones who instigated the whole thing by complaining and gatekeeping Ino. Some of you take tweet posts so seriously that you're willing to harrass artists. So if someone said InoHina are "girlfriends" does that mean it's canon? No, it's just for fun. https://twitter.com/Khon39544134/status/157259317793...
The Merchant of Mmadinare 🇧🇼 Throw back tings. Haven't held a camera in ages. Until I get me that Canon DSLR there will be no photography up in this place
King Laurence Enjoyed doing some maintenance for my brand new Nikon Z9 with brush, foam, and air duster tonight
🌈Huddersfield Parish Church of St.Peter Sermon on giving from our Generosity Sunday on Sept 25th - if you'd like to watch the service you can find it on our YouTube Channel https://huddersfieldparishchurch.org/2022/09/28/ge...
MochiRosoideae The number of OC with Canon couples I have https://twitter.com/nierfiel/status/1512468839555993604
taki sprite bot Taki sprite took away amy santiago’s 3rd canon life
DARIUS NSHABOMWE Happiest birthday to you Canon Dr. Byabashaija! Canon of Emmanuel cathedral Kinyasano NKD! Many more years @jbyabs
cynonari Genshinlmpact Cielo+ Art I can't believe I actually lost the 50/50 to his husband (C1)! Tell me cynonari is canon without telling me they're canon! Genshinlmpact
Pocchi 🍒 — ssw didn't like my room the traveler is mute: canon confirmed
💟 Randomly Generated Ace Attorney Ships 💟 I have decided that Buddy Faith and Jacques Portsman are in a QPR. It's canon now
Nabs Nab 🧭 No but really, I can talk about this all day. When we talk about fandom and canon queerness we tend to treat them as separate things but what I like about danmei is you get the best of both worlds: the canon stuff and the fannish transformative stuff like the fanart, fic, etc. https://twitter.com/wwxwashere/status/15742001108624...
Nur Arif Munadie Mihoyo be like: fak those MC shipper, harem is the canon way
BLE 👔🥂 CA7@K32 Hifumi can be milf and sugarbaby and Doppo is his daddy So true and canon 😊👔🥂✅✅✅
Deadpool3 Shabby.official This is now MCU canon Deadpool3
Solomon ☽☾ Hermaeus I still really like Canon Pearl but the possible implications of Pearl and Marina going through all the strife in the Octarian Army together, bringing each other together through their mutual love of music and reaching the surface in hopes of a better future together… GOD… https://twitter.com/nokonintendo/status/157479315719...
dollhouse ryusei green haver! The canon onlys telling you to be serious in the qrts like this is fandom Y'all be serious 💀 https://twitter.com/_hunter__v/status/15747143415047...
prabhuwrites prabhu hymprudious howtochangethedateofdigitalphotographs Prabhu 🇮🇳🚩 How to change date on digital pictures Suppose you have just finished importing the videos and pictures from the digital camera to prabhuwrites prabhu hymprudious https://prabhudattasahoo.com/how-to-change-date-on...
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