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Aly 🌸 Yknow what, rewatching bleach, even as a lifelong ishihime stan, tatsuhime is the pairing that should have been canon
canon AugmentedReality autonomousdriving Mosaic - 360º Cameras Image sensors - that can see in the dark....are here! https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Technology/Canon-...
em | buddie brainrot Just saw a rainbow umbrella, aka buddie canon in season 6
bri 🌱✨ Me having playing cinderella and now alistair singing agony?? wow canon soulmates https://twitter.com/alistairtbot/status/146811902385...
“christmax” VENUS DAY Me and carys are deadduo this is canon
Annie Elevator Sales Manager Suzhou Fuji Seiko elevator quality safety, quiet, stable and price preferential benefit! WhatsApp:+86 13962524998
arya 🔥 #stoneocean Head canon Ace as Italian idc idc Italians = hot
Misuzu It was very nice of them to incorporate my worker glam into the canon
Last episode, on IF NOT US, THEN WHO? Shelby DeSantos, the Yellow Guardian. Traits: Noble, Evil Inner weapon: Fire manipulation In a canon relationship with Carter Ford, the Silver Guardian
𝐀𝐥𝐢𝐚 𝐀𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐬 // yes , since I have some kind of an Independent portrayal , some things are a little bit changed but never too far from canon :)
gary homo, the sex priest. Youre supposed to read "slop it up boys" like "lets get to work boys" in buckets of fun by sidney gish is sung, thats the canon way of hearing it imo
medtech Olympus [News Release] Olympus Sets Sights on Growth in Its Refocused Medical Business A new chapter in the company's history with a focus to elevate the standard of care through its advanced medtech. Read more: https://www.olympus-global.com/news/2021/nr02259.h...
joBot 👾 Me somewhere in my 20s and shooting mostly on phone with a seldom used canon rebel : 👁️👄👁️ https://twitter.com/iJmillz/status/1468044638548336646
☆SUPERSTAR.jpg Got FMA on the mind lately, so here I am, writing another character into the canon without a care. lol
A 🌐 Interesting seeing Apex players calling for Olympus to return. Y'all hated the map
MasMaz Olympus Sets Sights on Growth in Its Refocused Medical Business - https://dataemia.com/2021/12/07/olympus-sets-sight...
re-how.net Olympus Corporation Olympus formulates strategic policies in the medical field https://re-how.net/all/1563715/
MELS ! 🪐 Shintaka… shuya/shogo/noriko too. neither of them are fully canon but idc . https://twitter.com/spydocs/status/1379816217515585537
chariya ☆ Do yall think in the jojo canon jesus was a stand/hamon user
christmART🎄☃️ misses ranboo This is the best thing that happened to me all day. this is canon now i've decided https://twitter.com/supahcoolkid/status/146691345940...
max Ok i think after i finish crave i’m gonna read heroes of olympus bc we got all of them in at work
Hourly Canon VocaUTAU Ship 【UTAU】The UTAU ship of the hour is Hatori Longshadow and Kaj Llingvam. They make cruel jokes towards each other, but care for each other deep down. (canon)
Cameras camera jagcouturegifts Sony cameras are getting harder to buy due to the chip shortage Cameras camera via https://twinybots.ch https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/6/22820922/sony-d...
Hoshiguma 👺 Ignore my canon height i am like *puts hand on top of my head* this tall
canon Amandaᵏ 🎁 The outline of the hand is actually ghostboo canon
MCU Betty Brant It may not be Canon to his character but I like the skateboarding scenes too
Three Pack of Bene ball Daiz why Nick Canon trending? Smh. 😒
💗 Obsessed with ffxiv, about to design some of azem’s shards for my own personal canon fksjkdjsjf
Rafa #SaveMacGyver Goodnight besties, buddie is canon https://twitter.com/rafaisafanboy/status/138619022...
🦌🎄RuldolphTv Gaming 🦌🎄 Also canon design for Popgoes Shorts stuff. LOL! : ) https://twitter.com/DaylenTvGaming/status/1468079577...
insane people tweets Was asked if manuela has a cat in canon. it’s time to insert little meow meow into 3 houses canon
Poshmark shopmycloset Rose May Donnelly Check out this listing I just found on Poshmark: Fuji DL-27o Zoom MR Vintage Camera. https://poshmark.ca/listing/Fuji-DL27o-Zoom-MR-Vin... shopmycloset @poshmarkapp
software IT ENGins ENGins Software Why the Luster on Once-Vaunted ‘Smart Cities’ Is Fading. Last February, the Toyota Motor Company broke ground on what it calls Woven City, a built-from-scratch futuristic urban center on 175 acres in the shadow of Mount Fuji. Woven... https://www.engins.org/external/why-the-luster-on-...
mina ˘ᵕ˘ This is so cute but marinette is alone in this now that lumity is canon </3
Disco Vietnam What is your digital voice recorder? Are you happy with it? I've been using the same Olympus VN-701pc since 2012 but suddenly my audio files are coming out distorted
jazz, #1 Calvin and Hobbes fangirl Going back in time to strangle pachelbel before he writes his canon in d
moriryan🌿 Omw to ignore canon and draw another c!samskids fanart
Robyn 💜🦋🌻 Poor Ben 😭 I love how you are tying in all the canon material https://twitter.com/reyofsunlights/status/1468047312...
Dhub The worst thing to happen to. the internet in my opinion? Lore Olympus
CEO of Star Trek Ok random head canon: social media does exist in the Star Trek universe, Stafleet just banned it. It’s a joke among regular people that you have to give up social media to join the fleet. Don’t think too hard about this, I just think it’s a funny idea
Lil⁷ 🌸 仿佛晴光映雪的浅淡笑意 WWX gets to spend his post-canon married life sleeping in and eating good food and watching his husband work out. I love that for him
Steady State Sounds Colour is the end and start for fans of both Talk Talk eras, respectively. "Life is What You Make It" got KROQ airplay at the time, though it never entered the flashback canon of "Talk Talk" and "It's My Life"
🕰️ ash (anri/neo) 🕰️ These are all jokes and jests btw, I didn't think that would ever be canon even as a found family bc in my heart I know C!Sam is doomed, I just like being dramatic and also making fun of ppl with nuclear familied mindsets
sara ^-^ ❄️ Yeah okay same kid that goes “Wilbah we are basically brothers” in the dream smp canon
Tech & Gaming Sony cameras are getting harder to buy due to the chip shortage - The Verge https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/6/22820922/sony-d...
certified Sublime hater™️ This video is absolutely musical canon https://twitter.com/thot_knot/status/146698875711934...
samaa 🍃 I still can't believe oikawa and atsumu never interacted...I will just pretend this is canon 😔 https://twitter.com/HAIKYUUFESS/status/1462048090160...
BadassBot sarah thompson 2.0 "Starshall is canon." BadassBot
Apex Legends Bot People are really asking for Olympus back? I didn't like the map I stopped playing each time it was Olympus on rotation. What are your thoughts on it? From /u/Skipper2210
🌻 I’m gonna cry and throw up once Lore Olympus goes on Haitus bc how will I survive 💀😭
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