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Jun 16, 2008

Samsung Digital Camera Announces The I100, I80 , S1060

Samsung Techwin (CEO Lee Joongkoo, www.samsungcamera.com), which leads the premium and multimedia digital camera markets with the Samsung NV series and the i series, introduced two Samsung i series multimedia digital cameras (i100 & i80) and the category-leading, stylishly designed S1060 digital camera.

Samsung I100

Samsung I100

The Samsung i100 and i80 cameras combine 7 highly valued features such as a PMP, mp3 playback, and a text viewer to provide a multimedia digital camera that brings all the enjoyment of the world into your hands.

The Samsung i100 provides 10.2 megapixel resolution and a 3x optical zoom inner lens with a tasteful two-color stainless body of black and silver that has a high quality feel and keeps looking new every time you see it. Its softly sliding cover gives you the benefit of being able to take pictures quickly while keeping the lens safely protected.

The Samsung i100 uses its enhanced portrait correction technology to maximize image stabilization. Its exclusive Samsung Dual IS (Dual Image Stabilization, OIS+DIS) technology applies optical image stabilization (OIS) and digital image stabilization (DIS) at the same time to capture subjects without a flash or tripod even in low-light or shaky conditions.

The Samsung i80 has 8.1 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom inner lens plus a 7.62cm(3 inch) wide LCD that displays pictures in refreshing detail.

The Samsung Techwin S1060 digital camera is product that is faithful to its basic function of taking pictures while emphasizing user convenience.

The Samsung i100 and i80 can be charged and transfer data over a single USB cable, providing optimal mobility for multi-play users. It is the optimal digital camera for so-called Digital Nomad consumers who use a digital camera while moving around often on vacations and business trips but enjoy expressing themselves by recording everyday life.

In addition, there is a Photo Style Selector that allows a variety of styles to be chosen in the preview mode, as well as a color filter that turns all but a selected portion of the image into black & white. These smart tools satisfy users' creative instincts by producing various, aesthetically pleasing pictures in an environment without a PC.

The S1060 Digital Camera – Excellent Picture Taking Features with 10.2 Megapixel Resolution

The Samsung Techwin S1060 digital camera is product that is faithful to its basic function of taking pictures while emphasizing user convenience. The S1060 has a 10.2 megapixel resolution 5x optical zoom and a 5x digital zoom, and it is a product that provides excellent quality and ease-of-use for its class.

The S1060 has an easy to turn mode dial for various photographic moments including taking videos in automatic mode, making it easy to change photography modes quickly. In particular, this camera is the best for customers who want to save beautiful, everyday memories as photographs, such as family events or picture diaries.

The S1060 provides high sensitivity IS0 1600 so that clean, shake-free images can be taken without a flash or a tripod. The images that are taken can be seen on its wide, clear 6.86cm (2.7 inch) 230,000 pixel LCD screen.

It has a Face Detection feature that can recognize up to 9 people, helping you take pictures in the optimal environment. The Self Portrait Guide provides a signal sound to help you capture a precise composition so that even when you’re taking pictures alone, you can keep and take great compositions.

In addition, function descriptions and a photo help guide are built in so that users can receive the information they need for taking pictures at any time. This helps even beginners to take great photos.

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