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Apr 13, 2011

Sony Announces HVL-F43AM: Powerful, Compact External Flash For Alpha Cameras

Sony HVL-F43AM

With a powerful output of GN43 (105mm ISO100 m), the compact yet versatile HVL-F43AM flash from Sony is optimized for superb results with all A-mount cameras.

As featured on the HVL-F58AM, the innovative Quick Shift Bounce system allows flash head position to be adjusted instantly when switching between horizontal and vertical compositions. This maintains consistent shadow positions regardless of camera orientation, allowing easy creation of natural-looking ‘bounce’ effects.

Further, Wireless Ratio Control makes it easy to select light emission ratios for up to three separate flash units…

Jun 1, 2011

Pentax Launches O-GPS1 Unit For Digital SLR Cameras

Pentax O-GPS1

PENTAX announced the PENTAX O-GPS1 unit designed for recent PENTAX digital SLR cameras. This new, versatile, weather-resistant GPS unit tracks both basic geographical and celestial body location data for earthbound and astrophotography purposes.

Mounted on the hot shoe of select PENTAX digital SLR cameras,* the O-GPS1 unit records latitude, longitude, altitude, and universal time coordinated (UTC) of shooting locations with captured images. Image files with this GPS data may be used to track shooting locations and review location data on a personal computing device. The GPS location data also helps sort and file recorded images…